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Counselling & Psychotherapy:

Provides a safe and confidential environment that explores life's challenges.

It allows time to reflect upon those challenges with the help of a professional Counsellor.

Counselling can help you, if you:

  • Feel depressed, sad, hopeless (and don't understand why)​
  • Struggling to have a purpose or direction in life
  • Are going through a personal or professional transition
  • Stress due to work, school, family or financial problems
  • Have lost someone close to you and feel that you cannot cope
  • Experiencing communication problems
  • Relationship/ Marital challenges
  • Addiction concerns/ Someone close to you is affected by Addiction
  • Mental health concerns

The above are just some issues presented at Counselling; however there may be other issues you wish to explore.

First introductory session

The first introductory session allows for both the Therapist & Individual to meet to discuss concerns you may have. This provides an opportunity to decide whether Counselling/ Psychotherapy may best meet your needs. Additionally group therapy, personal development, Family Mediation & referrals are offered if required.

Children First

This service operates under the Children First Guidelines, which stipulates that any current risk of Child Sexual Abuse is reported to the relevant authorities. In cases where there are allegations of Child Sexual Abuse the service needs to know what action has been taken in relation to the protection of minors who may be at risk.


/ 01-537 6456

089 238 6877

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